Ethically, successfully and safely resolve bribery, extortion and coercion situaltions

Ongoing Projects


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Empowerment of Rural Women in Extortion Situations

The purpose of this project is to enable female rural leaders from all the regions of continental Ecuador to identify extortion situations and uncover solutions that some of them have already used to obtain what is rightfully theirs without submitting to extortion. The project is composed of three phases involving 390 rural women throughout the country.

pilot project on Anti-extortion Tactics for Environmental NGO Staff

This project’s purpose is to enable the NGO’s staff to uncover solutions that already exist to extortion situations, and provide them with training on existing anti-extortion tactics and negotiation techniques.



private sector projects

Focused research, advice, planning and training for specific companies that want to work successfully, ethically and safely in jurisdictions where prior due diligence has shown a medium-to-high risk of corruption.


Make a gift

 Support the first organization in the world that uses the Positive Deviance approach and Negotiation Theory/Techniques to ethically and successfully resolve bribery and extortion situations. You may make a donation to any of the above-mentioned or following projects, and become a valuable CESSEC supporter:

1.     CESSEC Annual Fund

Support the general operations of CESSEC by making a gift to our Annual Fund. CESSEC is currently fundraising for its proposed website.

2.     Ongoing Project for the Empowerment of Rural Women in Extortion Situations

Make a gift to help rural women across Ecuador implement successful strategies to obtain what is rightfully theirs without submitting to extortion situations. Your contribution will help us continue the second phase of this project and implement activities at the local community level towards sustainable solutions for individuals against corruption.

3.     Targeted Anti-extortion Projects

Make a gift for the development and implementation of targeted projects for:

  1. To train student law clerks, paralegals and legal expediters in methods to defend themselves against pressures by clients, supervisors and colleagues to pay bribes.

  2. Direct intervention or advice to NGOs and volunteers who face extortion demands in emergency and natural disaster circumstances

  3. Private and public sector professionals who are pressured by clients or supervisors or other powerful people to destroy, hide or minimize information that they are supposed to report.

  4. Government functionaries who seek support and guidance in ethically and safely dealing with bribers, extortionists and threateners.

Targeted projects may include, direct intervention, advice, research and training on solutions for those situations that each group or enterprise faces in their daily work.